American made furniture and proud of it.

AWL Western Wood builds rustic western furniture and decor. Our wide selection of wood products are all custom-crafted from start to finish with good old fashioned muscle and grit. When you buy from AWL you can be sure that your furniture is Arizona tough, hand-picked from the blue mountain air of the White Mountains and crafted into rock solid furniture you can be proud of. Whether you’d like to fully customize your home or simply choose an existing product from our stock, AWL Western Wood is eager to put a lumberjack smile on your face.

Stairs & Railings

Log stairs, stair rails and wood railings like you've never seen. Watch guests' mouths drop with custom stairs and rails from AWL.

Dining Sets

Juniper tables and solid wood dining sets create a western dining experience your family and guests are sure to delight in.

Cabinets & Shelving

Rustic, western style cabinets and shelves add the kind of delightful personality sure to electrify any space - especially kitchens!

Decks & Deck Rails

Our decks and wood railings for decks are sure to please as artistic achievements and true showpieces.

Dressers & Chests

Happily stow your belongings in a rustic western dresser. Picking up toys is easy and fun with a handmade chest.

Beds & Bedroom Sets

Juniper bed frames and bedroom bunkbeds from AWL are the perfect centerpiece for your log, cabin, or mexican style bedroom.

"I have been an Interior Designer for over thirty years. My body of work spans both coasts and is featured in high end venues. I have always set the bar quite high and expect the same from the trades that I deal with. Very few meet my expectations. It is with great pleasure that I can say AWL Western Wood not only met my expectations, but totally exceeded them... My home is architecturally interesting, but this is truly the icing on the cake... AWL was a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. They provided me with a work of art that I shall always treasure." - Janice Meyers


Wooden countertops create a one-of-a-kind appeal. AWL excels at wooden kitchen and other unique, rustic countertops.

Doors and Entryways

Handcrafted doors and wood door panels are a fun way to create a rustic cabin, cottage or exterior house entry.


Wooden mantels for fireplace flair are a great way to decorate, display special keepsakes and other decor.