About AWL Western Wood

AWL is a family business. David Barnes, inspired by his father's furniture making, began woodworking at the age of twelve. Thirty-six years later, with twenty years of contracting under his belt, Dave now works side-by-side with his daughter, other family and friends.

Working Hard

AWL is the realization of a dream, building a specialty line of indoor/outdoor furniture - hand crafted, not mass produced (this means no clear cutting, furniture is hand picked straight from the woods). We specialize in rare, large Alligator Juniper selected over the 100 other species Dave has worked with for its uniqueness, durability (still solid after 100+ years) and beauty. We reclaim wood scorched by the the infamous Rodeo Chedeski fire in eastern Arizona and fashion it into gorgeous home masterpieces.

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Each piece of wood exhibits an astounding variety of colors including: blonde, deep purple, tan, light green, red, black and more. Consequently, the wood looks great and can match any setting, not just a rustic one. Home furniture and decor from AWL Western Wood is completely custom, there is never one alike - true heirloom furniture.

Alligator Juniper is our specialty but we can craft furniture using a variety of woods - just ask.